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Why Content Marketing Matters

Build it and they will come might be a famous saying but it’s also one that is a little outdated. You could have an amazing product, offer a truly outstanding service or have a customer service that is literally first-class but none of those things will matter if no one even knows about your business.

Every business needs some form of media presence in order to actually attract customers. This is what content marketing is all about and yes it does matter! Content marketing can take many forms from writing entertaining and informative product descriptions, eye-catching adverts, press releases, blog posts, and much more.

Many people make the mistake of underestimating content marketing. They think it’s an extra-hassle and that the bare minimum will do. But these days it won’t if you want your business to succeed then you need proper content marketing. Let’s look at why it matters so much by seeing what it can do.

It’s An Essential Part of The Modern Customer Journey

The customer journey is a long-standing model used by marketers across all industries. But in recent years the customer journey has seen some big changes. People don’t simply see an advert and that alone convinces them to buy the product/ service.
Nowadays seeing the advert is usually just the first step from there most potential buyers will do their own research. They’ll read reviews, read blog posts, watch videos, and look for as much information as possible to educate themselves before making a purchase.
This is why content marketing is so valuable because if you produce the content people will be more likely to buy! This could be in the form or press releases, informative videos/ blogs, and much more. If you want to increase your chances of consumers completing the customer journey make sure your content marketing is high-quality and educational.

It Helps With Your Search Ranking

You don’t have to be a marketer to know about how important SEO is. But if there is one mistake many people still make it’s that they focus on keywords far too much. Yes, keywords are important but search engine algorithms look at more than just those.
If you want your website/ content to rank high then it needs to be informative and high-quality. You need to actually answer the search query not just load up your content with keywords and backlinks. Content marketing will help you do this and if you’re ever struggling to come up with good content think about how you can answer the questions people might search for.

It’s Perfect For Social Media and Word of Mouth

Content marketing literally builds brand recognition and is the perfect content for sharing on social media. Many businesses struggle with their social media pages because after so long they simply run out of things to share.
But by focusing on building high-quality content like blogs or videos for example you will always have things to share! This also helps build greater word of mouth because people can share your content through social media with friends and family. You might even end up going viral (for a good reason) if you’re lucky!

It Helps You Engage New Customer and Re-engage Old Ones!

High-quality content marketing is something that will not only help you appeal to new customers but old ones as well! Like I mentioned above by sharing content on social media you’ll be able to get every follower to potentially share it with their friends, family, and social groups.

That could mean thousands of people will hear about you! But content marketing will also help you appeal to your previous customers as well. Content marketing techniques like email newsletters, social media messages, and more can all be used to target previous customers.

After all, it’s easier to sell to someone who has bought from you/ used your services in the past than it is to attract someone new. But with the right content marketing strategy, you can attract business from both groups at the same time! You can even use automation and re-marketing techniques to make appealing to previous customers even easier.

It’s Now An Essential Part of Lead Generation

While lead generation isn’t the primary focus of content marketing it can certainly be a big help. In fact, right now it’s more helpful than ever. Inbound marketing techniques are usually the main focus for lead generation but due to stronger data protection regulations, many businesses have found that their older methods don’t work quite as well.

Instead of using things like email marketing you should instead focus on creating content that potential customers will look for on their own. Instead of reaching out directly, you’ll be creating content your customers will discover for themselves.

It might not be as instantaneous as traditional inbound marketing techniques but high-quality content marketing materials are more likely to win customers over and actually make them want to buy from you. So, don’t dismiss content marketing’s importance and value when it comes to chasing/ building new leads.

So, that is five very unique ways content marketing can benefit your business. Content marketing is always evolving as well so don’t dismiss it as a nice bonus or think of it as a waste of time. With the right content marketing strategy, your business will be able to flourish even in the most competitive of industries.

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