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Is It Time For a Brand Refresh?

Does Your Brand Need a Refresh?

Branding is something we talk about all the time, and establishing a brand is a continual process. Sometimes your brand will need a refresh which doesn’t mean starting again, to be clear we are not talking about rebranding.

A refresh does require you to spruce things up to ensure relevancy and the ability to be seen in such a competitive world. So how do you know when it is time to make the change and reboot your brand?

Missing Your Target Market

The internet moves so fast, as do the expectation of users. This is the instant gratification generation and the work quickly. If what they see doesn’t immediately capture their attention, they are gone.

Even if you have the perfect product on your virtual shelves, if you cannot captivate a potential customer enough to get them to look around you are going to miss a considerable audience sector.

What was attention-grabbing a couple of years ago is now outdated and uninteresting. Many big brands have recently refreshed their image and brand including Twitter, Netflix, Uber, and Instagram.

Lost in the Crowd

It is a massively competitive world, and very few companies are offering something unique. Realistically you are competing with many other companies, and you need to give customers a reason to pick you.

Naturally, you will be looking at the price and adding value, but your brand can be just as important when it comes to snagging your share of the market.

You need to be instantly recognisable not just a face in the crowd in order to recapture the interest of your audience.

Online and Offline Brand Conflict

It is vital to be consistent, and if you have a conflict between your off and online presence, you could be missing a trick. You need to realign them, so they are identical, even if your primary lead generation tool is the internet.

The print-based version of a company brand often gets left behind as it is easier and more essential to put the time into your web-based activities. It is worth bringing them back into harmony.

Your Message is Confused

Over the years, you have tried a number of sales pitch ideas, and while they have a similar look and feel they are not quite saying the same, and the brand is not altogether there.

Going back to the drawing board and finding a fresh design and message can be a great way to ensure customers are taking notice of you. Make sure to be clear about what you offer and how a customer needs what you have to offer rather than a similar item from your competitors.

The Takeaway

It is possible that while you are looking into refreshing, you realise a total rebrand is actually the way to go, and in that case, you need to go with it. By focusing your attention on why your current brand doesn’t bring the results you want, you will be able to solve many problems.

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